He's playing live at The Tupelo Music Hall on Saturday night and if you don't have a ticket, you ain't gettin in! (SOLD OUT) However, he shreds ever so brilliantly on a couple classics on today's interview. Listen here!

Getty Images - Steve Sands
Getty Images - Steve Sands

At about 3 minutes in Gary plays both a naughty and nice rendition of 'Joy To The World', utilizing the many implements of electronic gadgetry that he painstakingly acquired and assembled at Guitar Center. (I loved the behind the scenes tech tour that he gave me regarding all the pedals, pods and amps)

Then (at 5:08) he plays 'Carol Of The Bells' which on a personal note, is my favorite Christmas song and Gary's rendition of it is THE BEST.

It blows my mind that the roots of that song predate the ninth century and it rocks so hard!

Thanks so much to Gary for calling in and please check out his website GaryHoey.com

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