File this under 'We all have to start somewhere'. I couldn't believe this 1985 footage of the multi Grammy Award winning musician and accomplished actor attempting to bring the sound of NYC to the people of The Waterboro Chamber of Commerce.

I was once a fledgling musician and have seen my share of nearly empty gymnasiums filled with uninterested kids and annoyed parents and grandparents. This small crowd  is very supportive however as there is some decent applause as well as break dancing (two things that I never experienced in my illustrious 4 year career as a Steven Tyler wannabe).

LL Cool J's first album would drop 6 months after this show and within 2 years he was all over MTV and headlining sold out shows.

It doesn't seem possible that just months before, at a gymnasium in Waterboro, several confused Grandparents sat with their arms crossed thinking that this performance had NOTHING to do with LL Bean.

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