Would you ever believe that a tortoise could survive on it's own for 9 1/2 months throughout our brutal Winter season? Bernie, a Russian Tortoise from Gonic, did just that!

Getty Images
Getty Images

According to this incredible Foster's story from Kyle Stucker, Bernie escaped from his backyard pen on Railroad Avenue in Gonic last July.

After a thorough search, he was presumed to be lost forever until April 29th (!) when a local man found him trying to cross Railroad Avenue, just a few houses away from his last known whereabouts.

He was a bit malnourished after almost 10 months away, but seems to be remarkably healthy in this recent video that shows him with his very unimpressed tortoise girlfriend 'Fern'.

I think it just goes to show that any creature that lives in Gonic is not only tougher than nails but capable of doing miraculous things!


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