According to, Sipson Island, off the coast of South Orleans, Cape Cod, that had been privately owned for hundreds of years is now open to the public.

I mean... c'mon.  Look at this place!!

According to the Sipson Island Trust Facebook page, they are encouraging:

-Scenic viewing
-Walking, hiking, picnicking, swimming
-Birdwatching and observing wildlife
-Photography, painting, sketching
-Recreational fishing and shellfishing (with license)


The houses on the island are breathtaking.  I could see myself sitting on that beach for hours.  The bad part is, I don't think those properties are open to the public.  No where in the description of the island on their Facebook page does it say... "Stay at our breathtaking accommodations."  So, I'm assuming you can't.  Yet.

Things that are not allowed:

-Pets or domestic animals
-Open fires and cooking
-Fireworks or firearms
-Hunting, trapping, harassing wildlife
-Collecting plants, animals, or artifacts

You also can't access the island by boat without permission, dock without permission or store your boat without permission.  (Sounds like you need permission to go, no matter what.)

Also, there are parts of the island that is privately owned.  Believe me, if I bought an island, I'd reserve a good chunk all to myself too.  There are signs posted for the private parts of the island.

If you want to know more about visiting the island or if you'd like more information, go to their website,, or, if according to the Cape Cod Times, questions can be emailed to

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