Pay for Food With Monopoly Money?  This Massachusetts Pub Said Yes!

Ralph's Pub in Worcester had an unconventional idea to promote their restaurant, according to  

Yesterday, from 4-6pm, you could walk into the pub, pay $5 cover charge in Monopoly money, get a $10 hot dog, $20 non-alcoholic Jell-O shot, and $50 for a raffle entry, all with Monopoly money.  Your raffle ticket could win you a T-Shirt or glassware from Ralph's too.  How fun!  You couldn't buy any booze, but I'm sure people ordered drinks, so I hope they made some money!

Scot Bove, the owner of Ralph's Pub said, according to the report:

A friend of mine, Eric, works here part-time, so he came up with this idea, and initially, I was a little hesitant.  I was like, it sounds kind of corny, but then it took off.   Everyone obviously thinks its pretty neat idea.  It’s like the buzz of Worcester right now.

Turns out, it was part of a campaign to get Ralph's pub on the board of a special Worcester edition of Monopoly that's being developed.  Hasbro, the original makers of Monopoly has granted a company to develop the special boards for certain communities.  They have already done it for Greenwich, Connecticut and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Let's GO Seacoast!  Let's see if we can get a Seacoast of New Hampshire edition or specific towns like Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester, Somersworth, I could go on!




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