Don't Worry! To anyone who fears math, I promise you that you will love this episode. Barry Scott will play nothing but numeric songs tonight! Here's a 'number' from 3 cats in the '80s!

'(She's) Sexy & 17' by The Stray Cats. I never realized how 'obscene' the title of this tune was when I watched it on MTV back in 1983. I was only 10. The age 17 sounded like 57 does nowadays.

This song made it to Number 5 on the Billboard charts and that's more than enough math for today's 'Spoiler'.

I must tell you that you can hear all these numerical 'Lost 45's' tonight from 7-10pm ONLY on 102-1 and 105-3 The Shark. Barry Scott has promised that you will not have to complete any equations, word problems OR fractions. Just listen and ENJOY!