We love donuts, don't we?  A donut was invented as God's way of telling us that He loves us and wants us to be happy.  You've heard that expression used for other things like beer and wine, maybe?  Although that may be true for beer and wine, I would argue that eating a donut never made you angry as alcohol can sometimes do, amirite?

Lovebirds is Coming To Portsmouth

From their website, Lovebirds is coming to Portsmouth in the fall!  They will be offering craft donuts that are super delicious and organic, fair-trade coffee.

You Can Invest in Lovebirds

Lovebirds has partnered with Mainvest, which is like GoFundMe or Kickstarter only you get to reap the benefits of the businesses.  If you support them, you receive a return on your investment if they are successful.  It's like the name says - you would be investing in MAIN STREET rather than Wall Street.  I LOVE THAT so much!   Click here to invest in Lovebirds.

Invest Whatever You Can

Mainvest will take whatever you would like to give.  For instance, if you invest $100, Lovebirds has to pay you a return on your investment by a certain date.  There are other rules to check out before you actually put your money in.  If you don't care about ROI and you'd just like to contribute, you can do that too.

Lovebirds is Coming to the Vaughn Mall

The address for the future shop is 33 Vaughn Mall in Portsmouth which used to be the home of the Water Monkey.  Great location right next to the public parking lot.  They should do very well there. 

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