Massachusetts has been busy issuing fines for businesses not complying enforcement of rules and regulations put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, according to a story from WCVB.  

The report states that 300 businesses were issued fines.

Restaurants are now allowed to remain open if they take precautions like limiting the number of people they allow in to their place and opening up outdoor seating.  Those restaurants who have liquor licenses, are subject to inspections by the Liquor Commission and with Labor Day weekend attracting people to go out, especially with the nice weather that we had, many places were cited.


In the WCVB report, Governor Baker also defended the decision last week by Northeastern University to dismiss 11 freshmen students for violating social distancing guidelines after they were found to be in the same hotel room.  The 11 students already paid for their tuition, according to a report from  The Hill report says that the students pre-paid $36,500 for the semester and Northeastern will not be refunding their money.  To me, that seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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