Stories like this are coming in every single day and it just warms my heart.

According to CBS Boston, a Braintree firefighter got an unusual 911 call from an elderly man who said he needed some help.  The man said that he needed groceries, but couldn't go out of the house due to the stay at home order.  (I'm assuming he was in the "at-risk" categories)

So, the firefighter, Jackie Giacchetti, after talking to this man about where he lived and what he needed, went out and got everything on his list.  The report said that when Jackie showed up in gloves and a mask and handed him what he needed, the look on his face was priceless!

People are helping others in similar circumstances every single day and it just warms my heart.  A friend of mine asked me what I want to stay from this pandemic we are currently in.  Number one on the list is things like this.  People helping people.

Second on my list, low gas prices.

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