According to a story on WMUR, police are looking for a sheep (not the sheep pictured here) that they were chasing through East Mansfield.  The sheep completely ignored the Police pursuit and dashed in to a neighborhood yard.

East Mansfield is not very far from Gillette Stadium where our beloved Patriots play.  I am a little worried about the other teams and how they feel about The Patriots.  Is it too far fetched to say that this sheep may be a spy for one of the many teams that want to beat us this fall??  What if it's not a sheep at all?  What if it truly is a wolf in sheep's clothing?  What if say... the Seattle Seahawks sent this sheep in to East Mansfield to spy on our plays?  I should blow the whistle on this furry beast, just in case!  Sheep-gate!  I'm tellin' ya!  Other teams will try anything to win against us.  Even send in a cute little bitty sheep to spy on Belichick and Brady.

I say we find that sheep and find it fast.  Any information that you may have, contact Mansfield Police Department.

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