I can't believe it.  You can actually order a beautiful pie for Thanksgiving (or sooner!) for just $12 from the Madbury Church, according to an email I received from the Church.

Train and I added up how much it would be to bake a pie from scratch if you had to go to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients to make it yourself and by our math, you'd have to spend about $25!

Check this out:  You can order apple, blueberry, mixed berry, pecan, peach, pumpkin, chocolate cream, raspberry cream and coconut cream.  They will even make GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE CREAM and GLUTEN FREE APPLE!!  OH!  Amazing!

Side Note:  I happen to know, because I've been to the church to see my favorite living piano player William Ogmundson, the Madbury Church has blueberry bushes just outside of the entryway, so..... these pies could be the freshest, bestest pies in the world!  :)

All the fruit pies are going to be frozen, you just have to bake them yourself, which is nice.  You get the nice smells in your house.  The cream pies are going to be fresh and ready for you on the day of pick up.

YOU MUST ORDER BY THIS SATURDAY, November 14th by calling 603-867-3497.  I know I'm going to order some!  Or, you can order online here.

How very modern is this of the Church!  Not only can you can order your pies online and pay online too!  Or, if you prefer, you can pay with cash or check the day you pick up your pies.  Drive through pick up with by on Saturday, November 21 from 10a - 12noon at the Church, 18 Town Hall Road, Madbury.

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