I became acquainted with William Ogmundson a long time ago when I was working at another radio station.  His then father in law came up to me and said, "You've got to hear my son in law.  He's an amazing piano player."

Being in music, I have had a lot of people hand me a CD and say something similar and the music I heard was less than perfect, shall we say, so I was skeptical, but decided to pop the CD in on the way home.  Boy, was I blown away!  It was William's Ragtime collection.  My favorite track was "Hiccups," which was an original composition.

This past Saturday night, my husband David and I had tickets to Cirque du Soleil at the SNHU in Manchester, but when I found out that William was going to be at the Madbury Congregational Church on the same night, we decided there was no way we were going to miss his concert.

William is just a miraculous piano player/composer.  Think Jelly Roll Morton, George Gershwin, Mozart, Scott Joplin, Duke Ellington, all rolled in to one.  He sat at the piano and played original as well as recorded pieces from other composers, all without music and without mistake.  From Rhapsody in Blue to original compositions on his latest album, La Vie En Couleurs, every note was just perfect.

At the church, he even had us participate in a song that he wrote on the spot!

If you have the chance to see William and have tickets to something else, take my advice and go see William instead.  A talent like this doesn't come along very often!  Check out his schedule here. 


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