As a true gambling enthusiast, I feel there is nothing better than visiting the most exciting city in the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. The only thing that makes that visit even sweeter is when you stay there for free. Maximize your chance at having this happen by clicking right here, and you could end up seeing Elton John in Vegas thanks to The Shark.

Train Images
Train Images

It was only yesterday when I discovered these magnificent mailers in my mailbox and realized how great it would be to reap the rewards of becoming a Shark VIP. Sign up is free and way easier than going to Vegas 20 times in 22 years.(This is how I've earned mailers with room comps.)

Besides, you'd also win $500 in spending cash, 3 nights "Comped" with airfare and tickets to Elton's Million Dollar Piano at Caesar's Palace! Only one week left to sign up! What are you waiting for?

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