I stinking love this woman and I do mean, STINK!  She uses Moose Poop to create her works of art.

Her name is Mary Winchenbach and runs a company called Tirdy Works.  You MUST check out this video from a report done by WABI-TV.  My favorite quote from Mary in the video:

Everyone takes a crap, so it's something everyone can relate to.

I gotta be honest, the video grosses me out when she sticks her hand right in the barrel of moose poop.  I probably wouldn't buy any of these things except for the moose poop clock, just so I would be able to say, "it's 5 Tirdy," but other than that, I'm out.  I would like to hang out with her though.  She sounds like my older cousins who live in the woods.  They're good people who sometimes have really crazy ideas too.  None involve moose poop, but I'm sure Mary has given them inspiration!


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