Samantha Ramsdell, known on Tiktok as @samramsdell5, is a Mainer (originally from Scarborough) and an internet sensation.

Her claim to fame is her gigantic mouth, which recently earned her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

She can fit a whole large fry from McDonalds in there, an entire lobster roll, sandwiches bigger than her head, and so much more. Watching her shove things into her pie hole is mesmerizing:

Sam has said that growing up, kids used to tease her about the size of her mouth. I love that she has transformed this trait that was once an insecurity into her money maker! It is really inspiring. She completely embraces who she is and OWNS IT. I bet those kids who made fun of her back in the day are feeling pretty silly now.

The truth is, Sam is more than just a big mouth. She is a hilarious and talented comedian. Her facial expressions, mannerisms, delivery, and timing are second to none. Sure, it was her big mouth that initially put her on the map. But she will have a long and successful career in comedy, because she is the real deal.

One video of hers had me cackling like the Wicked Witch of the West. She was trying to recreate a booty popping challenge on TikTok, and her attempt is way better than the original.

It's the sound effects for me:

Sam, if you are reading this....

wanna be best friends?

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