Anne Seber, a local Mainer, owns a goat farm called Iron Leaf Farm in Litchfield. It is a small Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat farm located on Neck road. They offer a variety of different cheese and farm fresh chicken eggs and so much more.

But this isn't about the business. This story is a heroic tale about a Rooster and his animalistic need to protect his hens and his humans.

Anne told me that she has one rooster, named Paul, and hens. Paul is always with his hens, specifically one lucky lady hen that he spends most of his time with.

Anne & Paul via Anne Seber
Anne & Paul via Anne Seber

Anne stepped out of her house in the afternoon recently and heard Paul, crowing non stop. But his crow was not near by. It was far away and this is very unlike Paul crowing in the middle of the day. What was most concerning to Anne is that she could tell he was far from home.

Paul never strays from his ladies. Anne also noticed she didn't see, Laurie, the hen that Paul is always around. So, she got worried.

Mind you, this has never happened. Paul and Laurie never stray from home. Not knowing what Anne was dealing with, she jumped into her boots, threw on her jacket and gloves and started trekking out into the woods towards the echo's of Paul's crows.

Anne loves her flock but she's not one who loves to pick them up and handle them. But she will if she has to. But off she went, up the back hill and into the woods following Paul's cries for help. After traipsing through the woods for quite a while, she knew she was getting closer.

Then finally she sees him, standing there, puffed up and crowing his little heart out.

Anne walked over to him and as she was about to lean down to pick him up, she hears a loud shuffling sound and terrifying hiss.

Three feet away from Paul, was a large, ferocious, Fisher Cat climbing up a pine tree and violently hissing at both of them in an attack stance.

Anne's heart started beating a mile a minute, she grabbed Paul and immediately start running towards home as fast as she possible could. As she was running, she didn't look back, she was too terrified that the Fisher was running after them.

"..I was running sooo freaking fast and I just kept thinking... if I slip in the mud and fall...what if it's following me?! I was so freaking scared. But a fisher should have been able to take down my Rooster in a heart beat. I've heard they'll go after a human if they're hungry enough!! I have never been so scared in my life!"

Anne had not brought a weapon with her because never in million years  had she thought she'd be face to face with something so fiercely threatening.

Those of you who know Anne knows that she is not, "cut out for sprints" but that girl ran like Forest Gump and Usain Bolt had a love-child.

Once she arrived back at the barn, she saw Paul's lady standing there waiting for them. She immediately brought them into the barn, closed the doors and searched both of their little hen bodies. She was convinced that they must've had some type of injuries. But, miraculously, Paul made it out without a scratch and the hens were okay too.

After making sure everyone was accounted for, she called her neighbor, who immediately came and went to look for the Fisher cat to see if it was still hanging around.

They didn't see him but they were afraid because when any type of wild animal thinks they may have found food, they will most likely be back.

Anne is sure that the Fisher came onto the farm looking for a meal but Paul ran it off. Paul is a hero. He is a huge rooster with giant spurs and he showed that cat who was boss. He protected his family and everyone was safe because of his bravery.

"Being face to face with a fisher cat was the scariest moment of my life thus far!!
I have so many questions but am so grateful Paul protected the farm and NOBODY was injured or worse.
We will be on the look out and taking extra precautions to make sure our herd, our flock and our pets are safe!
Paul has earned a special dinner tonight!"

Anne Seber, Owner- Iron Leaf Farm

Anne had quiet a day and she learned that while she keeps the family safe inside, Paul will take care of everything outside.

Here is a video, from Animal Planet, of the famous TV show North Woods Law, talking about how fierce Fisher Cats are.

If anyone wants to meet the hero of hero's, Paul you will have your chance on at Iron Leaf Farm's opening day is coming up May 7th after all the goat kids are born!

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