Brian Lang, our Market President had an opportunity to go NY to witness the Defending Champ, Sloane Stephens, compete again this year at one of the biggest tennis events in the world.  Sloane has a family connection to Brian, so he got the inside look at all things US Open related.

In case you missed the interview, give a listen to hear how he ran in to one of the biggest VIP's there!

How cool to be able to be at such a World Class event and be on the inside!  Brian also said after the interview:

Yesterday I had a “once in a lifetime” experience at the US Open.  Getting to see the defending champion play a tough, 3 set match was exciting.

Just incredible!  More than that, Brian was able to spend time with his family in New York.  He truly had an experience he will never forget.

Being there with my 82 year old parents was amazing!

That's the good stuff!  Take your time getting home, Brian.  No one here is slacking off....  (as far as you know.)  Ask Sloane what she eats because, man oh man, she's a MACHINE!   Go get 'em, Sloane!

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