A popular Portland coffee shop is receiving national praise from one of the country's iconic magazines.

The legendary Reader's Digest recently published a list of some of the country's best coffee shops. The list includes the number one spot in every state. Getting the call for Maine was the one and only Bard Coffee.

Bard Coffee via Facebook
Bard Coffee via Facebook

Located in the heart of Portland's Old Port district, Bard Coffee has been serving delicious lattes, pour-overs, teas, and treats since opening some years ago. The trendy cafe is a perfect spot to get your daily buzz, whether you're on the way to work or getting ready for a day to enjoy the town.

Bard prides itself in its coffee. Not only is it great tasting, but the shop is very conscience about the sourcing of its beans. Many regions are typically represented on the menu, with flavor, aroma, and sustainability always in mind. You can read more about their java mission on their website.

Bard Coffee via Facebook
Bard Coffee via Facebook

Bard's popularity is hard to miss. The coffee shop is always buzzing throughout the day. It really hops during the summer months, considering its ideal location for tourists enjoying Portland's major shopping district.

Even the pandemic couldn't slow it down. While the indoor cafe was closed, Bard opened a walk-up window. Whether rain, snow or shine the window was always busy.

Here is a little of why Reader's Digest selected Bard Coffee as the best in Maine.

The place is named for the Celtic order of poets who composed and recited verses celebrating the exploits of chieftains and heroes, and likewise, Bard’s self-proclaimed mission is to tell the story of each cup of coffee they serve, promising a total coffee experience.

Total coffee experience is a great way to describe your time at Bard, especially if you aren't in a rush and can take in all it has to offer. There's nothing like ordering a pour-over, watching it made, smelling the aroma, and enjoying every sip. If that's your thing, then Bard is where it's at.

Congrats to Bard Coffee on this wonderful national attention. It's always great to see a small business get the recognition they deserve.

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