Maine's tallest mountain has received high praise from a very reputable recreational publication.

Outdoor enthusiast site has named Mount Katahdin one of the 10 best mountain hikes in the entire country. That's quite the praise from the site that's known for its reputable rankings and reference guides.

Mount Katahdin finds itself on this list with some of the most iconic and popular mountains in America, like Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, Denali, and New England's other representative, Mount Washington. In fact, Katahdin and Washington are the only two representatives along America's East Coast.

Standing at 5,269 feet, Mount Katahdin is the gem of Maine and the official northern end (or start) of the Appalachian Trail. Located in Baxter State Park, thousands of Mainers, tourists, and Appalachian Trail hikers summit Baxter Peak every year, making it one of Maine's most beloved spots.

Here is a little of why included Mount Katahdin on this prestigious list.

The peak provides a great view of the Maine backcountry standing almost a mile above sea level at the Appalachian Trail...The blade-like arch connecting Katahdin’s highest summits is the most attractive feature of Katahdin and it is a sort of a challenge that every hiker looks forward to uptake with excitement.

It's no surprise to see it on this list, considering how popular and beautiful the hike is. There are also numerous routes for hikers to choose from to summit Katahdin. It should be mentioned that while there are different difficulty levels, every route is challenging.

Kudos to for including Mount Katahdin on this list of best mountain hikes. While it might be the smallest mountain on this list, it certainly shouldn't take away how breathtaking and amazing summiting it really is. Plus, the panoramic views of Maine from Baxter Peak are absolutely to die for. Hiking Katahdin really should be on every Mainer's bucket list.

Maine's Mt Katahdin Trail System

Mount Katahdin is Maine's tallest peak. Located in Baxter State Park, the popular mountain tests all skill levels with a variety of challenging trails.

Here is a detailed look at the most relevant trails in Katahdin's system.

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