That didn't take long! Brad Stevens has been promoted to President Of Basketball Operations for the Boston Celtics replacing Danny Ainge who has retired after 18 seasons.

Charlotte Hornets v Boston Celtics
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In less than 11 hours after their elimination from the postseason, this major move was made and the press conference has already been held. Now the real questions are going to be answered.

Allow me to explain!

It has been widely reported that Head Coach Brad Stevens began to feel a certain level of 'burnout' after the Orlando bubble experience last summer. Even though The C's made it to their 3rd consecutive Eastern Conference Final Series, something just wasn't right with the team.

Now, we'll be able to figure out what players were the cause of that burnout!

As President of Operations, Stevens will begin to mold the team as he sees fit, so whatever player or players were responsible for the discord, they'll be gone sooner than later.

Isn't it strange that The Boston Celtics currently have no head coach? And honestly, it's one of the least exciting questions that remain to be answered this off season.

As far as Danny Ainge is concerned, he has been a favorite of mine since the very beginning. As a player, he won three rings with the first 'Big 3' of Bird, Parish and McHale and then assembled the 2008 'Big 3' of Garnett, Pierce and Allen as a GM.

Ainge mentioned today, that the stress of the position as President of Basketball Operations was one of the biggest contributing factors to his heart attack back in 2019 and I'm relieved that he'll get to enjoy a well deserved retirement.

But man, the moves that will be made now with Stevens at the helm, are going to be interesting to say the least!

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