If there's one thing that celebrities do, it's investing in brands. Alcohol brands, bars, clothing brands -- if there's a brand to be invested in, a celebrity will open their wallet.

Last year, one of Boston's favorite sons, Mark Wahlberg, decided to tie his name to tequila and invested in the Flecha Azul brand, telling The Hollywood Reporter that after reading the owners' story, he felt they were all very similar and wanted to help promote the brand.

Mark Wahlberg And Flecha Azul Tequila Take Over Circa Resort & Casino For Memorial Day Weekend
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Flash forward to current day, where Mark has not only invested in, but also helped found, a brand new clothing brand called MUNICIPAL.

According to the official website, MUNICIPAL is a clothing company that specializes in Sport Utility Gear (think along the lines of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's collaboration with Under Armour.)

Seaport District in Boston

Over the weekend, Mark was seen hanging out and greeting fans in the Seaport District of Boston during one of the pop-up events for MUNICIPAL. While the pop-up events were planned, Mark showing up at one of them was not.

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And neither was his calling out of a local Boston news station during his visit.

Boston 25 News

For years now, Boston 25 News (formerly Fox 25 News) have put on their infamous "Zip Trips," where on a Friday morning a news crew will go to a specific city to highlight all the amazing parts about it.

While Mark was in the area, Boston 25 decided to have Mark cut a clip congratulating the station on 20 years of Zip Trips. Which he did, before calling the station out on not fulfilling something he was promised years ago.

It sounds like Mark was pretty unsure of what his prize was even supposed to be, but if it was a bottle of Flintstones chewable vitamins from back in the day, the fact he's still upset about it after probably 40 years makes sense because those things were delicious!

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