We hope Santa gets this little girl what she wants for Christmas. Instead of asking for toys, clothes or other material things, a 10-year-old girl named Zee from Springfield, Massachusetts has an altruistic request on her Christmas wish list, according to WWLP News. Zee wrote a very nice letter to Santa Claus, asking him to change her father's work schedule so that he could start two hours later.

In the letter, which was shared by the girl's grandmother, Zee says:

…The only people who can grant my wish is you and my dad's boss. I would like you to change my dad's work shift. Now, it's 4:30 - 1. I would like you to change it to 6:30 - 3. He would be so happy and when he is happy, I'm happy.

How very sweet and thoughtful! Her father must be very proud of his daughter. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Santa can come through with this selfless Christmas wish.

Here's the letter Zee wrote:

(Credit: WWLP)
(Credit: WWLP)

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