According to a report from, a doctor from Western Massachusetts, Dr. Steven Schlozman, had to listen to the on-hold music from the CVS phone line so many times, he reached out to a radio station to change it and the letter went viral.

There is now a petition to get the music changed.  Not everyone hates it.  According to a YouTube GMA ABC report, there are some who like the music:

CVS has responded and according to the report from ABC7News, CVS did not clarify whether the company is replacing the tune or improving the sound quality.  CVS went on to say that the new system should be complete later on this year.

I really like the hold music.  It is soothing, but if I heard it over and over and over and it permeated my dreams, I think I'd probably start a petition to get rid of it too.

There is one ad that my husband can NOT stand.  When it comes on, he literally dives for the radio/TV that it's coming from to decrease the volume down to nothing because he's heard it so many times.  Maybe it does the same for you:


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