According to, a Massachusetts dude named Peter Kelleher started a charity called Support the Soupman. This organization is an effort to help people experiencing homelessness get back on their feet.

This past Tuesday, he spread some love in the Queen City by bringing a three-stall shower trailer to the parking lot behind the former St. Casimir school, the news article stated. reported they opened the showers to the homeless around 9 am and between 30 and 40 people used it within the first few hours. The people that use the shower are given a free backpack with a new set of clothes which is a complete game changer for some!

A nice shower and clean set of clothes can really turn your day around and give you a fresh perspective. It could be giving some of these folks the confidence they need to go and fill out a job application.

Peter said the plan is to return with the trailer and leave it at the parking lot for a few weeks as soon as they find someone to install a new fence around the lot, according to the article.

A lot of different factors can contribute to homelessness. It is important that we still view these members of our community as human beings and help them if and when we can.


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