State troopers are trained for all kinds of dangerous and unpredictable situations, but I don’t think anything could have prepared Massachusetts State Trooper Jordan Cavaco for the event that unfolded on Monday morning.

According to Mass State Police, Trooper Cavaco was on patrol in Canton when he saw a vehicle flashing its high beams and hazard lights as it traveled in the left lane. In the department’s official statement, it reports that “the man driving was looking for help, so Trooper Cavaco instructed him to pull over at the split of Routes 93 and 95, where they could both park their cars safely. That’s when Trooper Cavaco saw a woman in the vehicle going into labor."

The officer immediately requested EMS and began to assist the woman, with only the supplies in his medical bag and an OBGYN kit.

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The department reports that, “Trooper Cavaco assisted with the successful delivery of the baby girl, during which mother and baby remained conscious and alert the entire time.”

The delivery was successful. More troopers arrived on scene as the brand-new parents embraced to keep their newborn warm.

Trooper Cavaco told Massachusetts State Police that “he was very happy to have had the opportunity to assist the family with the delivery of their baby girl!”

This stressful event sounds like it came straight out of a movie, except this hometown hero was real. I can only imagine the stress that the parents must have felt as they barreled down I-95, aiming for the closest hospital.

Shout out to Trooper Cavaco for going above and beyond his duty as a state trooper. Those parents have a pretty cool story to tell their daughter when she gets older.

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