Boston native and Patriots fanatic Matt Damon is making some bold predictions involving the Patriots this year.  

When asked by TMZ "reporters" if he had any playoff predictions, Damon said, "Patriots are going all the way."

Atta boy!

I'm not one to make predictions involving the Patriots, in fact I hate doing it. Something about taking a chance with jinxes always freaks me out. That being said, I can get behind everyone else's predictions. As long as I don't actually say the words the team is safe.

Matt Damon is no fair weather fan either. Here he is from 2013 after the Patriots lost to the Ravens.

His analysis is spot on. The Patriots have not had a healthy team (a healthy Gronk specifically) in the playoffs the last few years.

This game is different because this team is different. Better defense. Healthy Gronk. That's all I gotta say.

If the Patriots lose I'm totally blaming Damon though.