Boston Magazine is reporting on what Matt Riley is calling “the most epic thing I’ve ever seen on the water.”

When a seasoned New Englander calls something “epic” I stand up and take notice.

On Tuesday, Matt Riley was out off the coast of Cape Cod in his lobster boat with his buddy Ken Roth when his encounter with the Great White Shark occurred, the magazine reported.

In the video, the shark can be seen bumping into the boat, lifting his head above the water and basically putting on a real show for the camera.  He believes the shark was at least 20 feet long.

After viewing the video, Boston Magazine says the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy confirmed it was a Great White Shark.

I mean look at the video.  I didn’t need any confirmation.  The predator of the sea was apparently out feasting on the carcass of a humpback whale that had been floating off the coast.

Okay, now I think I will be staying off boats for a while.

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