The winning just keeps going!  Dunkin' Donuts, I mean, Dunkin, I mean, Dunks is celebrating The Boston Red Sox Win over the L.A. Dodgers with a SWEET deal!  Stop in to any Dunkin' for a hot or iced coffee for just a buck for DD Perks members, according to a story from WHDH.

There are a lot of coffee chains that you can go to, but I'm a Dunks girl, all the way.  You can go for the fancy-shmancy coffee that will cost you an arm and a leg for something that they call a small, but it's got a big name.  (something I never understood...) OR, you can go to a gas station and sometimes, you get decent coffee, but other times, it's been sitting there for quite a while - especially if you go at the hours that I am there.  (usually the middle of the night.)

Why risk it?  Just stick with what you've known since you started drinking it, which for me, was 6 or 7, loaded with sugar.  (My parents managed a bowling alley and they had a coffee station.  I'd eat the sugar cubes and drink the coffee.)

Wednesday’s parade is slated to begin at 11 a.m., so says the story.

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