It has often been said that you don't adopt a cat, you hope that eventually they'll adopt you. Meet Louis, he pretty much owns his own compound in Gonic.

Train Images
Train Images

Louis is an 'outdoors cat' that my cousin adopted a few years ago. I swear he is part cold blooded reptile as he spends all his time basking in the sun.

Now that the winter is here, he will spend the next four months in and out of three different homes depending on who he feels is worthy enough for a visit.

Regal in nature, I have never heard him make a sound. He will tolerate being petted but truly only sits in the laps of humans because they are a source of heat.

Once the weather turns warmer, he will abandon us once again and seek only solar power and cat naps.

But we should all consider ourselves lucky that we, his subjects,  are needed at all,  and the season of Louis is back again!

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