On Saturday, Veteran's Day, Nov 11, a memorial will be dedicated to Arthur L. Stanton who was 'chief of the boat' of the USS Albacore.

This wonderful event will take place at 11 am on Saturday at Albacore Park in Portsmouth.

According to Seacoastonline.com:

Stanton and his 84 fellow crewmates perished aboard the Albacore (SS 218) on Nov. 7, 1944, when that vessel struck a mine off the northern coast of Japan during a combat patrol in World War II. Eight years later, when the Navy launched the new Albacore (AGSS 569) at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Doris Stanton Jowers, widow of Stanton, was invited to serve as the ship’s sponsor, presiding over the christening of the new Albacore with her daughter Anneta Stanton Kraus serving as maid of honor at the ceremony.

The dedication of this memorial is the fulfillment of a wish voiced by Kraus two years ago when she visited Albacore Park. Stating how, given that he was lost at sea, she had no place to pay her respects to her father, the Albacore Park board of directors decided to erect a memorial to Stanton.

Arthur Stanton's legacy should be remembered along with all of those who perished that day. He was injured early in his tour when a hatch slammed on his hand and lost a couple of fingers.

Stanton might have been able to be discharged with full medical, but he continued to serve on the Albacore until his death.

Our enduring thanks to all who have served in the armed forces this Veteran's Day.


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