Merrimack Residents should be very happy about the latest step in getting rid of the toll booth at Exit 11 off the Everett Turnpike.  According to a story from WMUR, the State Senate passed SB 300 to remove the toll by a vote of 24-0.

This is not the first time the subject of getting rid of that particular toll booth has come up.  At another time in my life, probably over 10 years ago, I worked at another radio station in Nashua and we were going to try to help the residents of Merrimack get rid of that toll booth.  It was/is unfair!!  My partner at the time drove the radio station van through the Town of Merrimack, by police escort might I add, and I stood out of the top of the van, like an idiot, through the sunroof, yelling, "VIVA LA REVOLUCION!  PAY IT IN PENNIES!"  That was my big battle cry - Pay the toll at Exit 11 in pennies so the powers that be would consider getting rid of it altogether.

Well, we went through the town, to the highway and once we got on the highway, I remained at my perch - through the sunroof, still screaming..... and going about 20 MPH.  We almost immediately got stopped by a State Trooper who was none too happy about our Shenanigans.  The nice officer said that sort of thing is not allowed on the highway and his Captain wanted him to bring me in!!  What?!  Lucky for me, he reconsidered and let us go.  Thank Goodness.  I would not do well in jail.

The bill now goes to the Senate Finance Committee.

GO SB 300!!!  I'm pulling for ya!



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