I guarantee nobody has ever hit a 6 Iron like I did last evening at Rochester Country Club's 16th Hole. And I have the photos to prove it.

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The 16th Hole at RCC is a straight ahead 191 yard Par 3 and I grabbed my 6 Iron for what I hoped was a nice easy swing. In the middle of my back swing, the demons took over and I unleashed all the power I could upon that poor unsuspecting golf ball.


Upon contact, the 6 Iron snapped about 6 inches down from the grip and the pointed shaft shot about thirty yards ahead in a somersaulting manner. That deadly spear jabbed the ground in a divot of the Ladies' tee.

Sadly, the ball which was teed up a good inch, barely rolled further than the club.

You always hear the expression, 'I stuck a 6 Iron', but nobody ever means that literally.

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All was not lost however. My brother Clint, who was my teammate in a two man scramble, hit a good shot just off the green and we managed an 'up and in' for a Par that won the hole.

On the 18th, my driver exploded in a very similar manner, but didn't jab into the ground so I didn't think this was worthy of any photographs.

Allow me this moment to brag about the exciting conclusion to the match. I was the last person to hit an approach shot into the final green, a large but hidden elevated dance floor that sits atop a hill.

Good golf shots feel like you don't hit anything and my 7 Iron connected ever so truly. The high towering slight fade rolled about 12 feet away from the hole. A simple two putt later meant that victory was ours.

I can't wait to go out again, the only problem is, I don't have many clubs left.

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