Recently I needed front brakes for my car so I took it to the place that did them last time. One of the reasons I did business with this place was that they offered free pads for life as long as I own the car. This same place also did my rear brakes. I go into the brake place and I tell the guy that I need front brakes and that I had them done there before and I’m looking for free pads.

Something is amiss

The gentleman takes a look at my car and tells me that my front brakes were never done there. He also says that they don’t even carry the brakes that are on there and that they look original. He tells me that I must be confused because they did the rear brakes twice.

I know without any doubt that my front brakes were done in winter 2019 (by the way, I have the receipt, but I haven't shown that yet) and the rear brakes were done in 2020.

He tells me he can’t do it today because he has to order the sensor, but he can do it the next day. He prints me out the repair order and schedules it for the next day.

The proof is in the receipt

When I get in my car I then look at the receipt, and it’s clear I had the front brakes done there. It says right on my paperwork FRONT BRAKES.


Something isn't right, clearly, so I go back into the shop and tell the manager what just happened and give her my paperwork. He comes to look at it and they both leave the office, I guess to discuss what is going on.

The manager comes back in and goes about her business. I’m waiting for the guy. When he comes back he tries to explain, tells me to look at the part order and the part orders are for rear brakes. I have no idea what exu346xyz means okay. The only thing I know is that it reads FRONT BRAKES ETC. He looks at my paperwork again and admits this does look a little weird. He says hold on he goes back into the shop.

He comes back and says he thinks he knows what happened but he needs to look into it then says either way you're getting free pads tomorrow.

I say ok cool thanks.

Unfortunately, I never got an explanation for what actually happened? Was the part number entered wrong in their system? Was it just a simple mistake?

Whatever the reason, the simple fact is ALWAYS hold on to the receipt. And always question everything. If I didn’t have my receipt, it could have been a very different story.

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