If you were expecting a snarky and negative hit piece on their brand new loyalty program, that ain't happening! Just TWO visits have garnered me a great reward!

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Also, the mystery of the POINTS has been solved and (Big Surprise) I was really overthinking how they are awarded.


That's it!

With just my first visit last week, that introductory offer of a free soda (with any sandwich purchase) was awaiting me after I entered my ten digit phone number on the digital display at the Dover NH Moes counter.

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After I hit the red 'REDEEM' button, this icy cold Coke Zero Sugar was mine for the taking. NO CHARGE!

The only negative thing I have to report is that the woman who developed this program is now aware of my mania for Moe's so my evil plan to one day become owner of the entire franchise through acquiring loyalty points is no longer a secret.

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