I could look at Real Estate all day.  It's one of my biggest time wasters.  If I'm waiting for my husband or my son or anyone and I have my phone with me, I'm looking at real estate.  If I wasn't in radio, I'd definitely be showing houses all day.  I love it.

This beautiful property came on the market just a few days ago.  It has a three car garage and a functioning elevator.  (can you imagine living in a house with an elevator??!)  It could be a perfect property for someone who works right here in Portsmouth.  You wouldn't even need those cars in the three car garage!

I have to say, however, If I had 2 million dollars to spend on a property here in New Hampshire, it would be this one listed by Maxfield Real Estate in Center Harbor, NH.

Photo credit: Maxfield Real Estate, Becky Fuller, Agent
Photo credit: Maxfield Real Estate, Becky Fuller, Agent

I mean, C'MON!!  You have got to see the pictures of this property.  It is just breathtaking.  I can hear the crash of the waves of Winnipesaukee as I lay peacefully on my luxurious bed.  Oh, I can dream, can't I?

Call me, Becky.  Let's talk.


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