Finally, today, Saturday, it seems like spring may have actually sprung. That is, except if you are on the summit of Mount Washington. Look at this video posted on Friday:

They got over a foot of snow on Thursday, April 19. Unusual even for the top of Mount Washington.

I'm very happy to be outside today, pruning my shrubs and soaking in the sunshine, even though, there are moments that I needed to come inside and put on a sweatshirt.

Being a lifelong New Englander, however, I know that we could go back in to the deep freeze. I recently found this article about the latest snowfall: May 9, 1977. MAY 9th!

Most of the time the weather doesn't affect me, but man, oh man, this year, I'm pretty impatient about the whole thing.  Maybe it's because I'm back on the seacoast and I could go sit on the beach anytime I wanted, but NOOOOO, Mother Nature has made it too chilly.

I now know why, however, the farmers tell you that you can't put your seedlings in the ground until after Memorial Day.

So while I prune my Japanese Maple in my yard today, I will look forward to the day that I can plant my tomato seedlings at the end of May.

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