When cold weather memes go viral all over social media about the cold and ice, they almost always refer to the typical states with a true winter, like us here in New England.

Snow, ice, and cold temperatures below zero are really the norm for Massachusetts or Vermont at least a few days a year, as well as throughout the Midwest and even parts of the Pacific Northwest.

Then there's this.

Yes, if you're paying attention to the weather, then you know that deep freezes and bitter weather have made it to the Southern states and West Coast cities that are normally balmy this time of year, relatively speaking.

Now, we know Arizona and California see snow in their ski resorts of Taos and Lake Tahoe, for example. But snow isn't an overall part of the climate, and living out there is solely to avoid winters like we have in New England.

According to Newsweek, even Hawaii can see snow way on the tippy top of Mauna Kea, which is one of the largest mountains in the world, as well as an active volcano located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

But how about this fun fact for you for this 2023-2024 winter season?

According to the Weather Channel, it's snowed in all 50 states, even if it's just a light dusting. Literally every state in the country has had snow.

The last time this happened was 14 years ago, according to the Weather Channel.

Clinching this feat is usually reliant on Florida seeing snowflakes at some point during the winter. Snow on the ground at the same time in all 50 states is much harder to accomplish, but it's happened before, notably in February 2010.

Even beautiful ice skating on driveways in Louisiana is happening, as this Olympic gold medalist shared, because yes, that usually "northerner" weather has decided to grace every state this season.

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