I saw this being promoted on WMUR's NH Chronicle and I was 'dumb'founded when I discovered that it's in Portsmouth. AND it's FREE!

You will find this collection of really cool things ( I refuse to refer to them as dumb, they're cool!) at 114 Mechanic Street in Portsmouth, but the window in which the museum is open isn't exactly prime time. It's only open from 11AM-4PM.

On the plus side, it is completely free!

I definitely need to visit this place because it has so much to offer, I could spend hours on the train sets alone. There is also a section of Charlie Brown memorabilia, Popeye as well as lesser known comic book heroes that I'd be hypnotized by.

Clay Emery, the museum's curator, opened this place three years ago and it has no website and no Facebook page either!

So, the next time you're walking around the Prescott Park area, take a short detour and check this place out!

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