Thanks for all the notes online sending congratulations on my wedding which was this past weekend. I really appreciate it!

It's so very special to spend time with family and friends and hear from others.

It's even more kind for those that sent us a wedding gift from our registry. However we did have a snafu.

Rochelle and I live in a fairly new subdivision here on the Seacoast (my car's GPS can't find the exact address) and apparently neither could the UPS guy, because a few of our registry items ended up going to our "last known address," which was back in Michigan where we worked before coming to NH.

Yup, that means whomever is now living at our old place is enjoying our new wine cooler and pans set; they made no effort to return or contact the store where we registered.

Maybe its time I hop a flight at Pease and head back to knock at their door.

What would you do if a gift that wasn't for you arrived at your door?

Keep it or call and return it?!?

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