Canobie Lake Park, Salem, New Hampshire

What the heck?!

A man in his 70's was found lying naked and drunk next to the wave pool at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire, last week.  He was arrested by Salem Police, who later said that he had been drinking before he even entered the park, according to WMUR.

Man From Somerville, Massachusetts

The WMUR story went onto say that Salem Police received a call around 6pm from the security team at Canobie Lake Park when the incident occurred.  Many people, including children, had seen John Carabello from Somerville, Massachusetts, lying naked for several minutes right next to the wave pool.
C'mon, man!

He was arrested for indecent exposure.

Ya know, if you check out the picture of this guy in the WMUR report, he looks like a super happy dude.  Kinda like Ronald McDonald without the face paint.

The WMUR story cited that this guy apologized for his behavior.  I'm glad he's sorry about it, but I wonder how many decisions had to be made to bring him to that place where he was drunk and naked, in public, in front of a bunch of kids?

Canobie Lake Park is my favorite childhood memory.  I've shared before that it's one of the only places I remember my entire family being together.  It's a magical place in so many ways, and I feel rather protective of it.  I wonder if the park has banned him?  I tried to call, but couldn't get anyone in the office to ask.

Do you think this guy should be allowed back in the park?

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