The great face mask debate rages on.  In May, the city of Nashua issued an ordinance for face masks for people entering public buildings.  The penalty for not wearing one was steep...a $1000 fine.

Now, a Nashua man is suing the city over that decision. According to WBZ 4, Andrew Cooper is also challenging Governor Chris Sununu's ruling continuing the state of emergency for New Hampshire.

Cooper has retained attorney Robert Fojo, who tells WBZ 4:

“The point of the shutdown was to prevent our hospitals from being overrun with COVID, our curve always remained flat. We didn’t even need to flatten it.”

Cooper is also unhappy with the face mask requirement. His attorney says that it's "ridiculously intrusive".    Cooper's attorney Robert Fojo had a virtual hearing discussing the case, saying that the ordinance requires you to wear a face mask even when no one is around or face a fine.

Fojo says this violates his client's constitutional rights.

The attorney for the City of Nashua, Steve Bolton, argued that a mask is only required in places where you might come into contact with other people.

The court will review a motion by Governor Chris Sununu's attorneys to dismiss the case and will make a ruling soon, according to WBZ 4.


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