As I get ever closer to my next Vegas vacation, my mind is consumed with neon, green felt and games of chance. In relearning 'Three Card Poker', it occurred to me that it's easy enough for to play with the kids if cabin fever attacks during your February vacation.

The calm demeanor and dry wit of Michael Shackleford 'The Wizard of Odds' makes him my go to instructor for all games in which I need a refresher course.


The gambler in me also likes the video below because it shows the true jackpot potential of making the 'Pair Plus' bet.

Three Card Poker is like any another game in that, in the short term, if you're going to lose, you will lose.

BUT, if you're going to have a winning session, and you make the 'Pair Plus' bet with your 'Ante' every time, it seems like you either break even or win really big sums for a relatively small wager.

And hey, if you have a deck of cards and the family penny jar, maybe you can get the kids to stop tearing down the house for a few minutes with a new game! (PLEASE WAGER RESPONSIBLY)

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