The New Shark Morning Show with Sarah & A-Train debut their 'Red Sox Insider' interview segment with NESN's Tom Caron. Listen to his hilarious take on Chris Sale's epic foul mouthed tirade ONLY RIGHT HERE!

When it comes to all things Red Sox, Tom Caron is THE utmost authority.

As NESN broadcasts the vast majority of their games every season, Tom does extensive research on the Olde Towne team as host of both the pregame and post game shows.

Since NESN is owned by The Fenway Sports Group (the parent company of The Boston Red Sox) you can rest assured that the analysis and information provided by Mr. Caron  as our Red Sox Insider will be 100% accurate as to the day to day operations of 'New England's Favorite Baseball Team'.

My favorite part of this episode begins at 3:30 on the podcast when Sarah asks Tom for his thoughts on Chris Sale's 'enraged verbiage' when he was ejected by the home plate umpire during his last start.

It's already been a terrific season for the Sox and I'm sure this feature will continue to make it even better!

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