It is pretty evident on today's Red Sox Insider that Tom Caron isn't very superstitious when it comes to Boston's favorite baseball team. In fact, he even uses the words 'Sweep' and 'Parade'?

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox
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I know that it's the Halloween season, but to any Sox fan that lived through any portion of the 86 year 'CURSE' that plagued this franchise, utilizing these words seems like it would provoke those same old baseball demons to do the voodoo they do and bring about misfortune and misery.

TC also does a great job elaborating about old friend and Red Sox legend Dave Roberts who is currently having his own misfortune and misery trying to manage the Dodgers against this molten hot Red Sox team.

I had all but forgotten that Dave Roberts sat alongside Mr. Caron on NESN as a broadcaster as well.

Hopefully, TC didn't rile up any evil baseball ghosts with this World Series edition of The Red Sox Insider but we wholeheartedly thank him for it.

Also, thanks to Service Credit Union for making this great feature happen all season long!

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