Charlie Coyle scored two of the biggest goals in recent Bruins history last night and our Sports Insider Tom Caron knows his story quite well.

Train Images
Train Images

In the audio above (at the 3 minute mark) Tom talks about how the move that was made to bring Coyle home, was not as well accepted as you might think.

I covered him at BU, he played at Boston University for a couple years, great kid. You know, it was a controversial trade because they traded Ryan Donato for him, who had played well for the Bruins, was a well known local kid from Harvard and they traded him away right at the deadline for Charlie.

And the belief was Coyle makes The Bruins better right now. And he CERTAINLY did last night. - Tom Caron

Without Charlie Coyle, The Bruins lose last night's game 2-1 and in heartbreaking fashion. I'd have to say that 'right now' is all that matters in the post season and that trade was brilliant!


and Thanks TC!

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