Leave it to our Boston Sports Insider TC to perfectly describe how it will feel to watch the 4:25pm kickoff on Sunday of Tampa Bay and a certain Quarterback. It's kinda creepy!

Twitter VIA @buccaneers
Twitter VIA @buccaneers


It's almost like when you spy on an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend isn't it?


You just kind of want to see everything that they do?


"No I'm not going to watch.. wait.. What are they doing?"


Every Sunday you're going to watch The Pats and then creep on the Buccaneers Instagram.- Tom Caron

Hey, twenty years and 9 Super Bowl appearances, not to mention WINNING SIX of them?

That's why I can't harbor any ill will towards Mr. Brady. Even Gronk who we have known for less than half that time, put his well being on the line, year in, year out to greatly help in three of those magical Lombardi Trophy years.

It will hurt a bit if and when Tampa is hoists that silver in February, but I really can't feel all that 'jilted' and therefore 'creepy' by watching every game they play. It's only human nature!

Also if you didn't get a chance to hear Tom Caron call the game last night on NESN, you really missed out. The comfort level and chemistry he had with Eck and The Remdawg can not be fabricated, it was like they have been calling games with him for years.

Also, doing a full play by play while watching strictly on monitors in a studio thousands of miles away from the ball field can't be easy and our man TC was flawless!

Is that creepy for me to say he was flawless?

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