'Winning', of course, is the operative word. After a huge victory last week, our Boston Sports Insider goes into detail on how 'Superman' has quickly become a New England fan favorite.

Las Vegas Raiders v New England Patriots
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He has won me over, he's won us all over.


The guy shows up and we know his history, we know he's an MVP but you first see the swag and all the clothing and you start to say 'Is this guy about the style or football?' But as soon as we saw him play you know he's all about football.


He's selfless, he sacrifices his body. A lot of QB's run, but a lot of them slide and he's not afraid to get hit.


I LOVE watching him play.


- Tom Caron on the exciting style of Cam Newton

TC shares our enthusiasm with what has been a complete revival of the Pats' 2020 season.

After losing against The Niners less than a month ago, I had all but totally given up on any hopes of postseason play.

Keep in mind, they are still very much on the outside looking in when it comes to playing football AFTER January 3rd. But just the idea that they are favored to win a road game during Thanksgiving week and they're STILL in the playoff discussion?

There's no way I'd have believed it after that October 25th debacle.

I'd also like to end this article by commending TC and his honesty concerning the use of hair dye (for his beard during playoff hockey) and makeup, both before and after the invention of High Def television.

Hilarious stuff!

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