Today's Red Sox Insider was a 'Duck Boat' edition as TC gives us a first hand look back at The World Series Parade Celebration that was as just as fun as it was rowdy.

Red Sox World Series Victory Parade Held In Boston
Getty Images

My favorite quote from Tom on the parade was his answer to the question of if he ever came close to an airborne can of beer. In fact, I think it deserves italics AND block quotes.

I got hit in the head with a roll of Smarties, I mean, that's not bad, it's Halloween you need candy. - Tom Caron

Some of the other projectiles that were not mentioned by the 'Non Red Sox Insider' Media were, nip bottles of Fireball and slices of bread! Who doesn't love a Schnapps Sandwich on a cold Boylston Street morning?

Thanks to Tom Caron for providing an INCREDIBLE inaugural season of Red Sox Insider! We're so happy to announce that we'll continue to talk sports with TC on Fridays throughout the ENTIRE Patriots Season too!

Could another Parade Insider happen in February?



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