I had never thought of this until TC mentioned it this morning. After watching 20 seasons of TB12's accuracy, I had almost forgotten about the mobility of another classic Pats QB.

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Steve Grogan!

Of course! For over 15 years the mobile and exciting Grogan won 75 games for The Pats and during the earlier years of his career, could run the ball with the best of them.

He racked up over 500 yards rushing in 1978 alone!

Here's TC's quote on the similarities between Newton and Grogan.

He was so fun to watch. A couple of touchdowns. Look, I don't want him to be their leading rusher every week because he's going to take a beating.


But I love the threat.


And look, I love Tom Brady.


But they haven't had that running threat and for those of us that are old enough to remember Steve Grogan, who wasn't as fast or nimble as Cam Newton, but always a threat to tuck it and run. - Tom Caron

TC was also concerned about the air quality in Seattle. As of right now, the jet stream is billowing a great deal of smoke from the wildfires into the Washington State region making it questionable if it's a healthy environment to play football.

The NFL still hasn't made a final decision if the game will be moved to another location and that is a distinct possibility.

We all share TC's sentiment that when the apocalypse happened, we thought it would be over a lot quicker than this.

Hopefully the end of 2020 will bring it to a close! The best we can do is keep grinding away at it!

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