Though he thinks that the hit on Matt Grzelcyk wasn't 'viciously dirty', our Sports Insider Tom Caron is very concerned about what the lack of the Charlestown Mass native will mean for The Bruins chances of winning the Stanley Cup Final.

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Train Images

Grzelcyk is probably their second best puck moving defensemen and the way St. Louis comes in on their fore check, they take away your time and space and he's really good at making that right decision at getting that puck out.


Without him, it's going to be much more challenging.


I was guilty of thinking The Bruins we're going to roll right through this thing*, now it looks like we're in for a battle. - Tom Caron

If you happened to see that asterisk in the block quote above, Congratulations!

*TC predicted on last week's show that the Bruins would win The Stanley Cup in just 5 games!

His bold prediction is still possible but The B's margin for error is gone. Seeing them hoist THE CUP on the Gahhhhden Ice for Game 5 would be a dream come true!

Goooooooooooooo Bruins!

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